Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Blocks

Okay! This is my block total for May and this year so far! I am participating in the block project over at Prairie Moon.

These are 11 small quilts I made for my husband's graduating senior basketball players  and managers for 2014 and 2013. I am counting these as 11 blocks. Each quilt has the player's number and is foundation paper pieced. Shown is one block. the rest are wrapped like diplomas. I had them wrapped before I thought to take pics.
I took a class at Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild on making houses without a blueprint from Sharon Phillips. This is my completed block. Do you see the monkey and bird in the windows? I'm thinking this might make the start of a book about Monkey and Bird!
This is a block I made at Scrappy Ladies. Sue Goldman and Loneta Blevins gave us instructions for this. Fun block! It will make an interesting quilt. I used 2 1/2 strips cut from my scraps. It will all be yellow and blue!

Well, my total for May is 13. My total so far this year is 184. I am over halfway to my goal after 5 months. 


Sunday, June 1, 2014

April Fun with the Grands

Last month the grandkids came for a few days. We went to a couple of our favorite places. On our way back from Tulsa we went to Wilson Park in Fayetteville. It is a magical place with a castle and pond, flowers, clay flower benches, and many avenues for imaginative play.

Ash and Eowyn in the top of the castle, hanging out with the Gargoyles!
 They are now coming down the back of the castle, heading out on adventure!
                                     Eowyn, I believe, is a fairy hanging out on a flower!
 Hazel, of course, in her favorite role--Queen!
 Close-up of the Queen!
 Grey enjoyed climbing on everything. You can see some of the artwork on the floor of the castle.
Ash enjoyed climbing on the roof.

Quite a sighting of wildlife hanging out on a flower!

The next day we went to Terra Studios/Bluebird Factory in Durham, AR. We picnicked and played for part of the day. Some of the same artists that created the clay structures at Wilson Park created the magical gnomes and structures here.
 Grey visits with the troll under the bridge. Such a brave boy!
 Ash and Eowyn had to climb the lamppost--too tempting!
                                       Papaw, Grey and Hazel climbed atop of the giant bug!
 Every time we go we have to pose with our friend,

the gnome.
                                                                    Good friends!
 No trip would be complete without a tea party with the gnomes.
 The Queen and her attendants, both real and clay!
 Ash loves the dragons! No fear!
Another tradition--Papaw throwing a grandkid in the Monster trash can.
The most amazing part of this place is that it is FREE!!!

On my way to meet Joel in OK, I stopped at the park in Siloam Springs. Eva has promised the kids a puppy when Grey gets a little older. Everyone but Hazel petted the dog in the park. After it left she said she wanted to pet it also. Convenient? Eowyn has gotten so much better with dogs.  She really wants a puppy!
Brave little girl!
Grey has no fear. He let the dog nibble on his hand.

We had such a great time and I also wanted to share with you our little corner of the world!