Saturday, July 26, 2014

Late Third Quarter Goals

These are my goals for the 3rd Quarter of 2014 for the UFO  Challenge over at Littlest Thistle. I am only about a month late, but I had the goals in mind earlier, honest!

Goal Number 1: Foundation Pieced 
Crazy Quilt  I started this project over 15 years ago. I pulled it back out a couple of months ago and finished the individual blocks. Now I need to put them together and will probably make a couple of small quilts out of them.

Goal Number 2: Unfinished Doll. As  you can see it is a pile of unstuffed body parts. This has been a project about 10 years in the making. The fabric has been embellished with various doodads and covered with tulle. I plan to put it altogether, stuff and finish!

Goal Number 3:  Scrappy Blocks.  I have 12 blocks finished and plan on putting them together to give to a friend who has a debilitating illness. I started these in June.

Goal Number 4: Exploding Blocks.  I took a workshop with Jennie Doan in June on this block and this is what I got done. I actually did a lot of socializing and networking along with the blocks!!!! I will complete a quilt.

Wish me luck!!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Blocks

Well here is my total quilt blocks completed in June for the challenge at Prairie Moon Quilts.

 I made a block for a member of my Quilt guild. I made an extra 5 of them while I was at it in case someone had not gotten theirs done. They were simple rail fence blocks so they were pretty easy. I did not take pics, but that would be 6.

 These are foundation pieced crazy quilt blocks. I used some silk and velvet scraps and some drapery samples. I also used the seldom used embroidery stitches on my machine. I had made 3 others awhile back(20 years?) and decided to finish them. 22 completed this month. These little blocks took as long to make as the big blue and yellow ones below!

 These are exploding blocks I made at a workshop with Jenny Doan June 27. I would have had more done, but I did too much socializing! We had a great time! She is truly a rock star! If you have not watched her videos on youtube, you must have been hiding out in a cave. You should get out more!!! I completed 11.

These are more of the blocks made at our Scrappy Ladies quilting group. One of those was completed in May so I completed 11 this month.

That gives me a total of 50 this month! Wow! I didn't realize how many I had completed! My total for the year so far is 238. Only 112 from the goal of 350.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Graduation Gifts

As most of you know, my husband is the high school girls basketball coach at Mountainburg , AR. He has been so blessed with terrific girls. They are truly special. This year he had 6 players and one manager graduate. I found a pattern in a Quiltmaker magazine for foundation pieced tennis shoes and it sparked an idea. I used EQ7 to make a foundation pattern and decided to make individual quilts for them. He had 3 girls and 1 manager graduate last year and I knew I had to make one for each of them also.

I wrapped them like diplomas. In the picture they kind of look like candy cigarettes, though. I included their uniform # and quilted Lady Dragons 2014(or 2013 for last year).

 On the back I included a label listing their name, championships and record. Several of the girls were also cheerleaders and I backed their quilt with cheerleading fabric. I found several of the girl's numbers on some fabric and used that on their quilts. The quilts are hung with a dowel and a black shoe lace.

 Here's a gallery of the beautiful girls and their quilts at graduation. The first 3 were last years graduates. The manager from last year left before the pictures.






                                   I love how the quilts turned out, but I love these girls even more!

This is another UFO completed this quarter for The Littlest Thistle.

Well, I think this does it for my UFO goals for the second quarter of 2014. I had them all finished quite some time ago, but as usual I procrastinated posting them. 


My Tiny Landscape!

Last fall I took a class from Wendy Butler Berns. We learned several techniques including using texture magic to make the tree, thread sketching for the tree twigs, her piecing technique for the mountains, and couching.
 This is what I accomplished last fall. I wanted to embellish, quilt and finish the project.

 Here is a close up of some of the details. First I did the quilting, then I added a handmade clay star button to the sky and glass leaf buttons to the tree.Here you can see the little owl charm in the tree and see the texture of the tree bark.

 I added silk flowers and beads for flower details. There are also tiny glass leaves on the flowers in the little bush next to the tree.

This is the back with a facing and label. Again I incorporated a hanging sleeve in the top facing.

Another completion for The Littlest Thistle.

Believe it or not there's more!


Fly Away Butterfly!

This is a project started last winter in a workshop from Heather Thomas on Thread Painting given by our Guild.

 The Butterfly is made completely with thread and stitched directly on the fabric. Three of the leaves are needle lace which were stitched on netting and and stabilizer, rinsed and then tacked down. The 4th leaf is thread sketched onto the fabric. I quilted it and added a crocheted flower

 I used a facing instead of binding to finish the edges. I left the top facing open to use it as a hanging sleeve.

Another finish for The Littlest Thistle.

I'm not done yet!! More to come!!


Trip to the Laundromat!

 I considered the 2 chenille throws finished, but I knew deep in my heart that they weren't because I needed to wash and dry them to fluff them up and make them more ravelly. I did not want to mess up my home machines and knew I needed to take them to the laundromat. I dreaded spending 2 hours hanging out in a laundromat!

 Well, I did it and here's proof!!!!! Pictured is the laundromat in Lincoln, which was remarkably clean and nice! The girl pictured was there washing blankets to save her home machines. It was not nearly as bad as I had imagined!

Ta-da!!!!!! Nice and fluffy!!!!!!! Wish there was a way to let you experience how soft these are!!!

Another finish for The Littlest Thistle.

Well, Onward and Upward!


20 Year Old UFO Done!

About 20 years ago I bought an angel kit which someone had started and not completed for $1. I can't resist things that someone started working on and failed to finish. I feel sorry for the little orphans! I started finishing it using fancy stitches on my sewing machine and then lost interest and put it away. 
When I started this challenge I found it in a bag and thought this was the time! I carried it to basketball games and road trips(when I wasn't driving) and finished the embroidery by hand!
I still needed to cut it out, sew it together, turn, stuff and stabilize it so it could sit on a shelf or on a tree top.

20 year old mission accomplished!!!!!

 When I turned the wings and halo, I cut a hole in them and inadvertently cut holes in the back where they showed--duh! I used some small yoyos and buttons to cover the holes. I made a cardboard cone to help her stand up.

This is goal number 2 for The Littlest Thistle Finish Along.

On to goal # 3!!!!


Doll UFO Makeover

I belong to a small doll club and we had a challenge to make a doll related to Alice and Wonderland. I had this stuffed doll who needed a makeover. I removed her clothes and started a modern outfit for Alice in Wonderland. I thought it could also be a gift for my 4 year old granddaughter, Hazel, who loves babies.

Here's the before.

Here's the front of the after. I finished the dress and apron, made pantaloons and a head scarf.

Here's the back. It has a velcro closure so that she can change the clothes.
This is a finish for the challenge at The Littlest Thistle. This is goal #1.

More to come!