Thursday, April 10, 2014

UFO Goals for Second Quarter

In January I mentioned in a blog that I joined in the Finish Along with Littlest Thistle. Well, I worked very hard and completed all my goal projects. I was so proud of myself! Did I tell you that prizes were involved with finished projects?  Visions of Quilting Goodies danced in my head! Katy sent out very specific guidlines including the deadline, midnight, April 6. Guess what? I didn't pay enough attention to where she was located——England!

                                          I missed it! I missed it! Phooey, I missed it!

Boy was I disappointed, but I dried my tears, pulled on my big girl pants and decided to try it again. So here goes.

FIRST GOAL:  This is a doll I started for an Alice in Wonderland challenge from a doll group I meet with once a month. We have not met since 2013 due to all the lovely weather we had—you know, ice, snow, etc. I took a rag doll I bought at a yard sale, removed her clothes and started a new dress. I need to finish the dress, make some bloomers and fix her hair and/or make a hat. When we met Monday I forgot I had started it. I will finish it and take it next month. After that I will give it to my 3 year old granddaughter for part of her birthday in May.

SECOND GOAL:  Tree topper angel. I bought this at a yard sale for $1 about 20 years ago. Someone had started the embroidery and I used some of my sewing machine embroidery stitches to do some more. It got packed away until November of 2013. I pulled it out and stitched on it at ballgames. I need to cut it out, stuff it, and sew it. It will go to my grands for their Christmas tree.

THIRD GOAL: Scrap blocks started at our guild's baby quilt workshop in March. There are enough there to make 2 baby quilts. I need to add a couple more rounds, put blocks together, add borders, quilt and bind.

FOURTH GOAL: I started this in a Thread Painting workshop from Heather Thomas with our guild in March. I actually quilted it yesterday and forgot to get a pic of it unquilted for this challenge. So technically I quilted and still need to bind or finish in some way for a completion. I'm not sure what  will do with it.

FIFTH GOAL: Okay, these are the chenille blocks that I have been working on which were started by my deceased friend Margaret. I put it down as a completed project for last quarter, but it is not finished. I still have to go sit with it at the laundromat, wash and dry it so it will fray and be fluffy. I have procrastinated over this because I did not want to spend 2 hrs of my life at the laundromat. Hopefully stating it here will get my butt to the laundry.

SIXTH GOAL: 11 paper pieced shoe small quilts. I need to piece 2 more blocks, applique on each, quilt and finish edges. These are gifts so I can't say anymore.

SEVENTH GOAL: This little quilt was started in a guild workshop by Wendy Butler Berns in October. I still need to quilt and finish the edges. 

EIGTH GOAL: Link up on time in June so that I am eligible for prizes!!!!

Just realized that I never published this. So here goes.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

UFO No Longer!!!!!!!

This is my last UFO completion for the first quarter of the 2014 Finish Along from Littlest Thistle. I posted a goal for the quarter in an earlier post.

This is "You Are My Sunshine". I started it in October of 2012 at our guild retreat in a class taught by Nora Krein. It will hang in my sunroom, aka playroom, where my grands keep their toys at my house. I have sung "You Are My Sunshine" as a bedtime lullaby to all of them. I ironed on interfacing to the back and then stitched down the various suns in raw edge applique. I couched fuzzy yarns down and I love the texture. After that was done, I loaded it on my longarm with some heavy wool felt for backing and quilted it with gold metallic thread. I used the felt because I didn't want the puff look of batting. I used a facing on the back instead of binding. 

Here is a close up of one of the suns. Did I say how much I love the fuzzy yarns?

It was a very busy month for me with lots of basketball games and I doubted at one point if I would get this completed. Once I started, it went quickly. Isn't that true with most things? It's all about getting started! I'm glad I joined this challenge because I don't think I would have gotten this particular project finished without it.

I'm leaving for MQS early in the morning and will post my goal for the next quarter when I get back. I certainly have no shortage of UFOs!!!!!!!