Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!!!

Days like Sunday( 64 degrees and sunny) are few and far between in January so I got out on my recumbent trike and took off on a ride. While riding on the road next to my house, I saw this cloud.

It was quite amazing, but it reminded me of the pictures on TV of the Challenger Disaster which happened 28 years ago today. I remember it so well. I was in the hospital with high blood pressure awaiting the birth of my last child.

My 10 and 12 yr old boys were not allowed to visit, no phone calls—all in order to keep my blood pressure regulated. So there I sat, excited to watch the lift-off mainly because there was a teacher, Krista McAuliffe, on board. I was a teacher and we were all so proud of her!. When it exploded I remember thinking, "Surely they ejected or something". I couldn't imagine that they were all killed, but they were. That did wonders for the high blood pressure! The nurses came in to find me in tears. I thought they might remove my TV. I promised to not watch it anymore.

That night I made my husband sneak my boys in. It was great to see them, but they had not had a bath in 3 days since I had left! While the Kat's away...... The other interesting thing was they were remodeling our wing of the hospital, using jackhammers, drills, hammers, etc. Very relaxing.  For some reason, my blood pressure did not go down and on January 31, they induced and Dylan Hall was born.

Does anyone know what the cloud is? A white tornado? Ha! Ha! Around here in the spring that would not be at all funny!


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