Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Dream Come True!!!!

Last week my granddaughter, Eowyn, gave me a gift she had sewn herself. She used some charm squares and embroidery thread I had given her. She had cut holes in the fabric and laced them together.
She wanted some sewing supplies!!!!!!! Music to my ears!!!!! Last summer we had quilt camp where she learned to use the sewing machine, sew 1/4 inch seams, press, write and draw on fabric and use the longarm quilting machine with supervision.

We had a great time and she completed a quilt.

I came home and gathered sewing supplies for a sewing kit:

A vintage kid's sewing book, an embroider hoop, a container with fabric scraps and a vintage sewing box filled with sewing supplies. The piece of cross stitch on the bottom right was made by her Dad when he took home ec in high school. I thought she might appreciate it(and she did).

I took it to her yesterday and we made an outfit for Possum(stuffed oppossum). No pic due to running interference with her year old brother who was also trying to use the sewing supplies. Eowyn learned to knot her threads, thread the needle, sew a running stitch and sew right sides together(through trial and error). When I left she was sewing more fabric together. It was so sweet. We did this amidst gymnastics, Queen dress-up, Dinosaur model building, and general singing and dancing by her 3 siblings. For some reason I didn't get any pics! We had a great day!

I'll have the 4 of them at my house next week for 3 days and I will try to post some pics then.



  1. Two summers ago, when granddaughter was 10, she spent a week with us and stitched together a bricks and stepping stones wall hanging. She and I had a really good time together working on it. After she left, I quilted it for her. When the quilt got to Kansas, her mom stitched on the binding and Ally hand stitched it to the back. She ended up with a blu ribbon at the county fair for her age group. You and
    Eowyn made some memories!!!!

  2. Eowyn entered her quilt in the Tulsa fair and got a participation ribbon. She got beat out by a fringed fleece blanket and a small jelly roll quilt. I think they didn't believe she had done it herself.

  3. In clay county up to a certain age parents are allowed limited participation. The goal is to get the child to try new crafts.

    1. Next summer we thought we might include pics showing her doing the work. I'm going to enter this quilt and maybe another for her in our guild show. They are not judged—just get a ribbon.

  4. Can't wait till Ember asks me to teach her to sew! Going to be a while yet, since she is just 8 months old! Love your blog