Sunday, February 16, 2014

Music to My Ears and Other Grandkid Pursuits

The 4 grands came and spent 3 days with us. 
Eowyn has been taking piano lessons for several months and entertained us with Ode to Joy.
I taught Ash how to play a piano classic "I Dropped my Dolly in the Dirt". 
Grey accompanied them occasionally with his dancing.
It was so much fun to watch them enjoy the piano. 
I have so many happy memories tinkling the ivories as a kid myself.

Hazel had a stomach bug for the first day she was here, but felt better the second. Ask her what she wants to be when she grows up and she will tell you, "A REAL(WEAL in Hazel Languaage) Queen." 
For now she is a REAL Chuck E. Cheese Queen! She also kept a spare Birthday Crown handy.

Eowyn, Ash and Hazel picked out some fabric to take home. 
Eowyn picked out some black and white fabrics and used fabric markers to color them in. So creative!!!
Hazel picked out baby fabrics and some Disney princess fabrics. I gave her a fat quarter(18"X22") of the princess fabric and she wanted me to make her a dress from it. Oh, my funny girl!
Ash took home some dinosaur fabric that is meant to color on. He was not happy with my fabric markers and wanted to wait until he got home to color it in. I love my picky little boy!

Grey enjoyed one of his favorite toys—the dishwasher! He is sooooooo helpful(AND CUTE)!

Tuesday evening we went to watch PaPaw's girls play basketball. The jr. high girls were not playing as they should(to say the least) and he was giving them correction in a very loud voice. The grands were mesmerized by it. I asked Eowyn, "Has PaPaw ever yelled at you like that?" She answered, "I've never seen PaPaw yell at anybody like that!" Welcome to the basketball court!
We had a great time!

Hazel left a lasting gift—Dan and I both caught her bug!

To top the week off, after the kids went home, Dan's Junior girls won the District Tournament.
My husband, Dan, is not in the picture. He has his assistant, Coach Clark stand with them. I'm going to have to start photoshopping him into these pictures!

His high school girls start their district this week as the conference champs making them the #1 seed.
Go Lady Dragons!!
I hope everyone else had a great week like I did!


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  1. Great way to whittle down your stash-------- send it home with the grand kids.