Friday, February 28, 2014



Here is another UFO Finish for the challenge from Littlest Thistle.

These are the chenille blocks started by my friend Margaret who died several years ago at 90. She had cut out about 40 blocks and had stitched and cut 10. The 40th block was not complete and I had to sort of piece it together. There were 21 dark plaid background and 19 turquoise.

Here are a couple of closeups of the stitching and cutting. That really took a long time! When I finished with that I had to trim them all down to 12 1/2 inches because they were pretty irregular. Once that was done I stitched them together with 5/8" seams. The good news is that i don't have to do any quilting or binding!

I decided to make 2 lap quilts. I flip flopped the blocks to make it reversible. One of the quilts has more of the dark squares because of the odd number of blocks.  I will contact her daughter, who moved away, and give her one of them.

I still have to wash and dry them so that they fluff up and fray, making them really soft and cuddly. After that stage I will post pics to show the before and after contrast. I also need to take them to the laundromat in town so I don't clog up my machines because when they fray, they really, really fray. I don't look forward to going and hanging out there for a couple of hours. I will share pics of that adventure! It has been awhile since I have hung out at a laundromat. I'll take my Kindle and handwork.


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  1. That's the ONLY time I go to a laundromat. To many memories of being a young mother with lots of diapers and onesies.

    You didn't plan a meeting for this weekend did you?? Weather coming at us!!!