Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Little Doll Making!

 One of my goals for this quarter was to finish a doll I started a Long Time Ago! I call her The Sea Nymph!
The fabric for her body was made with a beautiful batik with dolphins swimming on it which was overlaid with sequins, yarns, beads, etc and then covered with tulle. Her "attire" is made from doillies which I had hand dyed. I added jewels, sea shells, hand dyed ribbon, and lace. Her hair is made with yarn and ribbons. I sculpted and hand painted her face, finger and toenails. Her face and hands are made with some fabric I snow dyed last winter.

             This is a close up of one hand with her crocheted cuff, ring and painted finger nails.

                       This her her other hand with her diamond ring and a beaded string of sea
                                                    weed wrapped around her arm.

It felt good to get back to doll making. I have plans to incorporate her into a bigger project combining it with some quilting and her very own sea horse.



  1. A wonderful doll; how imaginative and creative of you!

  2. what a gorgeous doll - she is so wonderful and inspirational !