Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What do a Fest, a Fair, a Factory and a Fall have in common?

On October 17, I headed to Tulsa for October Fest. We immediately headed for the food vendors for lunch.
Here we ate with Ash's best friend Matt and his Mom, Jennifer.

Grey and Hazel shared a ride in a pink car. They had to stop the ride early because Grey only liked about 3 rounds.

He did like riding the carousel with his mom, Eva.
Most of you that know me, know that I do not like heights, but I rode the ferris wheel several times with my grands!

My sister-in-law, Ruth, and nieces, Beth and Charity, met us at October Fest. This is Beth and Charity right up front in this scary ride! The answer is No! I did not ride this with them!
Beth, Charity, Ruth and I headed back to AR that evening. On Saturday morning we went to a couple of Craft Fairs. This was War Eagle Weekend in NW AR. Thousands and thousands of people flock to NW AR to go to one or more of the many fairs, the biggest being at the War Eagle Mills. We went to a couple of fairs in Fayetteville and Springdale. 

We then picked up lunch and had a picnic at Wilson Park in Fayetteville. It is such a beautiful place. This old tree makes for a perfect photo op.

After lunch we went to Terra Studios and the Bluebird Factory. The girls had a tea party while we were there. There was a first for us. There was a wedding! One of the guests was dressed as Gandalf!

The girls had told me they needed me to show them how to use their sewing machines so they brought them to my house. While helping them, I tripped on the extension cord and broke a metatarsal in my foot. 

So there you have it--a Fest, a Fair, a Factory and a Fall on in 2 days!


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  1. Love the photo of the tree in Wilson park! One of my favorite places!