Monday, November 17, 2014

I can't believe it! I actually completed some blocks this month!!!!

October was a pretty busy month. I will blog about some more of the happenings later, but now I need to post about the blocks I completed for the 350 block challenge at  Prairie Moon.

No 1 block
This is a block I started in a workshop with Jim Gatlin called The Insanity Block as is this next block. It was a really fun class!

No 2 block!
No 3-18
These are a few of the 16 10" blocks I made in a printing workshop at AR Quilt Congress. I actually made a lot more, but I intend to cut them up so I am not counting them in my total blocks. The workshop was a blast. We printed with stamps, bubble wrap, cardboard, netting, styrofoam, feathers, and plant parts. The plant parts were my favorite! I have fallen in love with papyrus. The blocks that look like fireworks were printed with papyrus. It is not a perennial in our neck of the woods so I will wait until next spring to buy a plant.  We also used ferns, peacock feathers, red bud leaves, weeds and various other plant parts.

                No 19-22
These are snail trail blocks I made to go into a bigger project. Stay tuned!

No 23
This is a small, modern block.

No 24
This is a small foundation paper pieced block that will be part of a quilt I will be making to commemorate my favorite childhood book, The Hundred Dresses. It is a story of bullying and really touched me as a child. My friend, Liz, was working on dog and cat foundation pieced blocks at our retreat and they looked like dresses to me. 

No 25
This is a small quilt top made from a pattern I bought while on vacation this summer. I think it will go in our small quilt auction in April.

No 26 and 27
These are the larger wall hanging tops made from the silverware pattern. They will be a Christmas present. Don't they remind you of the giant forks and spoons of the 50's and 60's? I actually have some of those painted in bright colors above my kitchen cabinets. They are made from a combination of new and vintage fabrics.

No 28
This is a quilt top that I am counting as one block which was made from a jacket and a couple of place mats bought at a resale shop. At our quilt retreat in Eureka Springs we went on a field trip to a resale shop to find things that we could recycle into quilted items. I wish I had taken a before pic of the jacket! It kind of has a Picasso look to it. Reminds me of an eye which is crying. 

So my grand total for October was 28. That now makes a total for the year of 382! Two more months--I think I'll crack 400 easily by the end of the year.



  1. Good work! Love the snail's trail block.
    I'll have to read The Hundred Dresses book and see if I remember it!

    1. Lila, it was written by Eleanor Estes and won a Newberry award in 1945(before my time BTW). I have found copies at yard sales. I just recently read it to my grands.

  2. I am so impressed with your work. You are so creative and willing to do new things. I am in awe of the classes and retreats you attend. I love the "sunflower" block. Hats off to you.

  3. Love the fork and spoon for the small quilt auction! Your retreat piece design is wonderful. You made art out of a questionable jacket! :)