Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fun at the Fair!

I hit the ground running in October.  I went with my delightful grands, daughter-in-law Eva and various and sundry homeschool students to The Tulsa State Fair!
My grands and I made projects that were entered in the fair.
This is 8 year old Eowyn and behind her is her blue ribbon winning, denim, animal quilt. And, yes, it is me in the reflection, inadvertently taking a selfie.

This is 6 year old Ash and behind him on the shelf is his blue ribbon winning dinosaur, drawstring pillow case. 

Ash also won his heat of the cookie stacking contest.
This sprite is 4 year old Hazel and behind her is her blue ribbon winning Mooshka Kitty.

I was so proud of all of them!

Can't forget award winning driver in the toddler division, 22 month old Grey.

He also did some fantastic grocery cart racing.

Ash and Eowyn loved, loved, loved grinding and taking corn off the cob the old fashioned way.

It was a long, fun day! State and county fairs have been around forever and are iconic local and state wide venues for young and old to exhibit their handiwork and livestock. A friend told me that entries at fairs are declining which is too bad, because it is a great feeling to see something you made or raised displayed for all to see. I will have to admit that I have not entered anything in the Washington County Fair for the last couple of years because it falls at a time when I have trouble getting there to pick up my things after the fair. I will try to do better next year. Oh, and to top it all off, my grands each got a $8 check as a part of their awards.


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